Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana

About us

Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana is a nonprofit charity organization committed to sincerely serving African’s by caring for Children with Autism, individuals, families and The organization work with communities and Female human right defenders within the organization. We are currently requesting assistant to build a center for 50 neglected  Autistic Children with no support even from their families. these Children have no any former education, age from 4 years to 15 years in 6 communities in the Awutu Senya District in the Central Region of Ghana. Please go to our Donation page on this site and support us today. May God Bless you with your support.

Our Vision
Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana works with the vision that every individual deserves the right to a peaceful, dignified and healthy way of life. And by improving the quality of life of the individual, we are bettering families, communities, our world and our future.

Our Mission
Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana' mission is to serve needy individuals, families and communities throughout Africa, with a focus on Ghana.

Drawing on our diverse resources, broad reach and vast experience, we endeavor to provide both emergency care and long-term solutions in the areas of health, education, the environment, community development, tribal uplift, and disaster relief.

 Led by our volunteer, Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana strives to:

  • provide inexpensive, even free, health care through the creation of well-staffed hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and Autism awareness outreach programs
  • build self-supporting educational institutes and help sustain existing educational programs to provide quality, value-based education for Autistic children
  • protect our natural resources by creating innovative sustainable solutions that promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources
  • empower underprivileged girls and young women with education and skills to raise sound families and in turn strengthen and stabilize their local communities 
  • invest in the future of needy children and youths by inspiring learning, self-reliance, family respect, social responsibility, and moral integrity
  • assist and advance the most deprived members of our society living in tribal regions with access to basic health care, education, and social and economic amenities
  • provide immediate relief support to survivors of natural disasters and remain in service until the affected communities are rehabilitated and self-relian.
Our Activities

To materialize the vision and fulfill the mission, Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana provides over 120 humanitarian services in a variety of fields: Health, Education, the Environment, Community, Tribal, and Disaster Relief.

In summary, these services encompass:

  • building and managing permanent institutes
  • Supporting Children with Autism in Ghana
  • executing ongoing programs
  • creating public awareness on Autism
  • enhancing current facilities
  • mobilizing resources to sustain ongoing services

 Our Strength
Our strength lies in: 

our clarity of vision, surety of spirit, and purity of purpose

  • the professionalism and prudence of our management  the Board of Directors
  • our supporting team of project managers, planners, coordinators, and field workers
  • our devoted and dedicated global volunteer corps of 100 (serving under our parent organization, RIRS-GH Volunteers )
  • and of course, the generous support of our valuable  contributors

Our Commitments
At Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana, we are sincerely committed to a stringent code of charity ethics. For the faith and satisfaction of our beneficiaries and benefactors, we outline some of our commitments below.

We at Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana are committed to:

  • respecting the dignity and integrity of the individuals we serve
  • being sensitive to the local systems and community cultural values of our beneficiaries
  • achieving effective and efficient stewardship of the donations entrusted to our care
  • ensuring the maximum possible share of contributions go to promote services
  • ensuring administrative costs are kept as low as feasibly possible for effective operations
  • operating under clear financial plans and review systems with strong financial auditing to ensure judicious execution of funds
  • organizational transparency

Board and Project Teams

Mr. Emmanuel Dzadeyson (Executive Director)

Mrs Akushika Ntsedi (Project Coordinator)

Mrs Jennifer Enyan(Assistant Executive Director )

Miss Jessica Fafa (Trustee )

Mama Gah (Trustee)